Mary Ellen Michaels

Mary Ellen Michaels has been involved in the electronic components industry for over twenty years. She launched her career in electronics distribution while at Astrum Electronics in the early eighties. In 1987 she left Astrum to pursue and an opportunity with CompRep Associates, a multi-line, multi-million dollar manufacturers representative as Distribution Sales Coordinator.

In 1989 Ms. Michaels was presented with an opportunity to start a new division for CompRep Associates. The new division, named CompRep Components was founded as a stocking rep company for Mitsubishi Electronics. Soon after, CompRep Components helped to develop a strategic consortium of stocking rep companies with two other companies, Beacon Advanced in Atlanta, Georgia and QCI in San Jose, California. Jointly, they named the consortium company Covenant Electronics, Inc., (CEI). After two years the Consortium disbanded.

Following the parting of the companies of CEI, Diamond Advanced Components, Inc., (DAC) was formed and continues to carry Mitsubishi as its flagship line. In 1996, Ms. Michaels was promoted to VP of Operations for DAC. Since that time the company has transitioned from a dedicated distributor of Mitsubishi products to a limited-line distributor.

In November of 2003, Ms. Michaels bought Diamond Advanced Components. In August of 2004, she was awarded certification from SOMBA (State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance).

Ms. Michaels holds a double concentration - BSBA / Management Information Systems from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

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